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Your website on the first page of Google?

Google regularly modifies its search engine algorithm to ensure that the most relevant websites are indexed on the first page of Google. Normally, Google conduct minor changes daily, but occasionally some major changes as well. These can have consequences for websites. We monitor this closely, continuously optimising the websites of our clients to these latest Google SEO ranking factors. This is an ongoing process of change, in which only good results can be achieved with dedication and perseverance. Below are the four steps of search engine optimization.

1. Search engine design

At this stage, it becomes clear which search terms your audience uses, and which ones match your requirements. Does your website adequately match your audience's search terms? How does the Google search engine see your website? The search engine design phase answers these questions and determines what is needed to get a top position in Google.

2. Website optimisation

Once the search engine design phase is complete, we proceed with the optimisation of your website. In this extremely competitive market, Google places only the very best websites on its first page. We are on top of this by improving and adjusting all the technical aspects step by step so that your website ultimately gets a head start on your competitors. We continue to follow this critically so that all your requirements in the Google search engine are achieved, and ultimately retain the strong position at the top.

3. Internet optimisation

Let your network do the work for you through SEO. All the information that is relevant to you about your target audience is findable on Google. In this phase we map all this information and we make sure it is aligned with the SEO goals that we have set together. Where necessary we adjust these goals, and propose improvements to ensure constant progress in the ranking results of your website. We influence the information that is available about your website, we ensure that solid link building takes place and wrong links are removed, and where required, links are restored. In addition, we have developed software and SEO tools that can control, improve, and expand links. A combination of all these factors ensures we effectively work to achieve the SEO goals.

4. Reporting & care

Measuring is knowing. With the search engine design phase completed, the resulting website and internet optimisations are all up and running now. Of course, as a client you are interested in the effect of these efforts. What is my positioning on Google? Am I higher up on that list? Your keyword searches are compared daily with their agreed position and with this, along with the correct language alignment, we evaluate the outcome and make summaries which we present to our clients in a monthly report.

No Cure No Pay

Increase your sales without any risk. We only invoice the client if the agreed goal has been achieved, therefore Seozorg only achieve a result if the client’s website appears on Google’s first page (a search result in the top 10) per agreed search term(s). We usually achieve this within three to six months. For as long as this is not the case, the client does not pay anything.

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Our dedication and perseverance ensures a top position in Google

zoekmachine optimalisatie seo optimalisatie online marketing bureau

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